Running with Ralphie Part I: Retiring Blackout

Over the course of 12 years, Ralphie V led Colorado’s football team onto the field 76 times, making her the second longest serving Ralphie in history.

by ADAM MUNSTERTEIGER from BUFFS Stampede. Read part I  by following this click.

Running with Ralphie Part II: The search for Ralphie VI

“And we had to make sure Ralphie V was set up, because her retirement was our top priority,” Stratton said. “We took a little while to continue to monitor her and make sure she was doing well.”

by ADAM MUNSTERTEIGER from BUFFS Stampede. Read part II by following this click.

Running with Ralphie Part III: Let the training begin

Upon her arrival in Colorado, Ralphie VI was getting used to having her halter near her face and the baby buffalo was exposed to a wide variety of noises, laying the groundwork for her debut run at Folsom Field.
by ADAM MUNSTERTEIGER from BUFFS Stampede. Read part III by following this click.

Running with Ralphie Part IV: A successful debut season

In the months leading up to the Buffaloes’ 2021 football opener, Colorado was preparing to welcome fans back to Folsom Field. But there had yet to be an announcement on Ralphie VI and her availability for the season.

by ADAM MUNSTERTEIGER from BUFFS Stampede. Read part IV by following this click.

Running with Ralphie Part V: An off-season to grow

While Colorado’s football players have endured a grueling winter strength and conditioning session, Ralphie VI has been given some time off.
by ADAM MUNSTERTEIGER from BUFFS Stampede. Read part V by following this click.


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